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    A/C ? on 2004 S300.

    I use PAG 100. You should not have to replace your receiver drier unless your system was exposed to atmosphere, like you had a blown hose and let it remain open like that for more than a day or so, less if it's very humid. If you had a slow leak-out(in my experience, most often) and you still...
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    Adding AC to a 773G Turbo

    salsllc- You did not give offense sir, nor hopefully did I.....=). Actually, you are a victim who has been suckered into believing in and perpetuating false myths and rumors that are products of a disease that permeates the entire Bobcat network, from the manufacturer on down to all the...
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    Bobcat 442

    What about your new assistant?.....=)
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    T series Bobcat Hub oil alternative?

    I'm no engineer, but I think the 9000 lb pre-load is what makes it “special”.....=). May your motors live forever! My hat's off to you for meticulous maintenance practices, Sid. If anybody deserves long motor life, it's you.....=).
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    Bobcat 442

    Like a leg-thick bundle of pilot hoses? Never yet, but I have seen it and wondered how much of a job it would be to find a leaker. It sounds like you have more of these in your area. We had one where we had a larger clamp cylinder eye and pin fabbed up. The whole clamp set-up is a joke, way...
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    T series Bobcat Hub oil alternative?

    Oh man......changed the oil again!......What's a guy supposed to do? Maybe with the mobilgear, they noticed a drop in new motor sales, and switched it out to get the numbers back up......=). Good to know about the plug positions, thanks. I kept the syringe from my first kit and have no...
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    Bob-tach pivot pin and tilt cylinder pivot pin replacement

    OOH OOH can I come with? I have always been fascinated with Australia, but I watch too much discovery channel, and I don't think I'd get a moments sleep for fears and phobias, for example, a funnel-web spider crawling into my ear and deciding that my eardrum was a threat worthy of its...
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    Help! S185 won't stay running.

    Hmmmm........Interesting. Code 14-02 is “fuel shutoff pull solenoid error-on” which means that the controller sensed voltage to the pull coil of the solenoid when it should not have. This has nothing to do with a shut-down, or a warning light on the dash. I do not know, however, if this fault...
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    Adding AC to a 773G Turbo

    I so disagree with that statement that it almost makes me angry, but we're all great guys in here, even Bobcat_Ron, so I'll be nice.....=). Last year I installed several A/C kits in G and K series loaders that already had enclosed cabs and heat, and I can do it in about 4 hours on a large-frame...
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    T series Bobcat Hub oil alternative?

    On the oil from Germany, that would have been me. It appears that it was more of a one-time favor than something he can do often....and since I received two one-liter bottles of the correct oil, I have not had the opportunity yet to even break the seal on either of them--go figure......=). I...
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    Bobcat 442

    A little late, Don. I've done it a few times. It's harder to get it back together than it is to install and tilt, because of the front cab mounting bolts. They just do not want to line up when the cab swings back down. They are designed to lign up with the cab dropping straight down at...
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    743 Bobtach grease fittings

    Yeah-they are 1/4” pipe thread. I bought a little assortment in a plastic yellow box from NAPA, and there were 4 or so of that size therein. Bobcat is horribly proud of these not-so-common but common sized fittigs......=).
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    Gear Pump, Oil Cooler Large Frame G-series Bobcat

    Take-offs from a 65-hour T300, s/n 5254xxxxx, standard flow, due to a high-flow conversion. Guaranteed internally like-new, entertaining any decent offers. LOL, my Dad's machine will probably end up in the Bobcat Museum.....he's averaging about 20 hrs a year.
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    Hey Fishfiles

    Holy cow batman! must be something in the new hydraulic oil....... I would flatter myself by stating that I know you guys noticed a recent drop in my activity, but my ol' woman of 16 years went to go 'visit' her sister-in-law just after Christmas and has not returned, and that has been quite a...
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    Hi-Flow Conversion

    I really can't shut up yet.....=). renopker, you are optimistic and enthusiastic, qualities that will come in handy for your project...=) Additionally, infinite patience and determination will most likley be required to see your project through to the end.....=). The electric clutch off the...