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Good Morning, I have been a follower on this forum for a number of years. Usually find answers to my questions thru searching the site. I now have a problem that I haven't been able to find on the site. When I prepared a post, it says I can't post it because it thinks I am spam. What do I need to do? Thanks.
i have just broken down in an older lx 565 new holland , problem had now hydraulic power to lower boom or control in or out of bucket attachment . or wheels not turning . engine runs good and can restart it . but no oil on the ground , was plowing snow all morning . good new broken down on my own proerty lol.
n.b skid steer guy
thats no hydraulic power , made a strange noise like a wrilling sound and my first guess was a chain drive chain let go , untill i relized i had no hydraulic power up or down and now wheels turning under controle .
So it's a running engine but totally non-moving skidder?
i wish i had your dealer. i have bought 3 new machines over there. tn75d, kubota rtv1100, and my c238. when i walk in the front door they dont know me and i dont know them, the turnaround is crazy. nobody knows nothing
i hope you read our latest post that you responded to to see what i am going through