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I am new to this forum. I have a Case 1818 that always worked and today I noticed it's having some issues. The right side drive does not move as it use to. I can hear the pump trying but no luck. So What would you check to see if its a simple fix? My guess is it's a 1900 vintage with an onan 18hp engine. Any thought on this?
Hi. as I look for help with few errors like code 1203 and aux override lamp flashing and the last one volt 11.4 on screen, I undestand that I have a problem with battery or alternator, so I checked the battery and it's o.k, I take the alternator (not an essy desassembly) to check and it is not working, I bring a new one, assembly all back and no errors at all, machine is working.
it seems that a post of how to handle, flipped equipment. might be needed, as well as attention to entire hyd sys after a failure. it aint me dude,
I have a 2012 cat 246c and the lines going into the condenser are curoted and hydraulic fluid poured out. My question is. Can I pull the old condenser unit out and bypass the hydraulic lines?
Dealership replaced the o-rings and seals in the spool valve lift tilt on my 2002 773 turbo and it's still leaking, only when it's cold. When it warms up it stops leaking. It has 2030 hrs. Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the service manual?
You can get a copy from Bobcat but prepare to give them a kidney for it. There are several people on Ebay that sell manuals, either printed or on a thumb drive. I bought a thumb drive and took it to the local copy shop and they printed it and bound it pretty cheap.
What is the part number of the $55 part you ordered to correct your brake switch issue on your Ghel 2054?