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Nov 19, 2006
Hi Im new and am stumped with my 753 with the BOSS system. When I first started having trouble the BOSS display would sometimes flicker. Then it went dead,the display was lit but nothing for gauges and the hourmeter was all zeros. The motor would spin but fuel solenoid wouldn't open. I could manuelly open the fuel and run the machine normally(manuel break no bics)but don't want to run it without gauges. I talked to the mechanic at the dealer and he said that he figured the BOSS itself was bad so I put a new controller in(heftychunkofchange)and now the fuel solenoid works but have no glow plugs,gauges or hours yet.I have the service manuel and checked the signal in the wires to the display, all are fine but one the purple&white wire had nothing and is supposed to have 3.5 to 4 volts but the machine wasn't running when I checked them.Does this sound like a faulty display not communicating with the BOSS. Any input would be much appreciated. thanks