Home made crane

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Mr Jimi

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Jan 30, 2006
This a crane I made to lift 53' trusses on my garage, it will pick up over 1,000 pounds easy and is mostly bolt together except the main frame. Its made from 4" channel and strong

This the winch that does the lifting, its a Warn 8,000 pound lift

And this is it being used to lift 16" X 24' H beams for second floor, the beams weigh 900 pounds each. And the wooden I beams for the floor

And here is the outside of my storage shed, with our camper in front
I want to thank Eric for the wonderful tutorial on posting images, I just had to read it a few times and its real simple


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Jan 19, 2005
Thanks for the kind words Jimi. I'm glad to see you got the hang of posting images. Its great to actually see what people are trying to describe. A picture speaks a thousand words.
Thats a cool looking crane. Its nice to be able to fabricate tools for special jobs.
I'm envious of your "STORAGE SHED"! If thats your storage shed, please post some photos of your work shop / garage. Thats one heck of a storage shed.

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