intermittent slow hydrualics

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Dec 20, 2023
Good Day All, I have a 2003 I believe, 463 with about 1700 hrs on it, the foot pedals don't seem to work every now and again even though it has been working for a while. I think it happens to both pedals where I have to move the pedal the opposite way in order for it to work again, it seems to reset it I guess but not fix the problem. I just changed the belt on the hydraulic drive and the auxiliary is not actuated when this happens, any ideas? The pedals seem to move the same way when the pedals work or do not so there doesn't seem to be any extra stiffness in the pedal. Thanks All.


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Dec 13, 2023
On some of the 463 the auxiliary hydraulics were activated by swinging the right side drive stick right or left. There was a pin you could put in there to keep that from happening. I would insure that the pin is in place and try again. It just takes a very small bit of oil moving in the hydraulic circuit to slow the rest of the function down on that unit because of the low flow rates of the pump. Check the linkage of the pedals for slop and insure that the spools are being move through the full range of movement. It could also be something loose under the spool cap if the affected function

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