763 G display says INPUT

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Oct 3, 2006
My 763 G will do nothing but say INPUT on the hour display when you turn the key on. I checked with dealer and they said it was either the left or right hand panels. I replaced both with new ones but it still does the same thing. My service manual says that the code INPUT means that the Bobcat controller is not communicating with the left hand panel. I have checked wires and pin connectors but nothing jumps out at me. Has anyone encountered this before? Any info is appreciated.


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Nov 22, 2005
ouch you have already sank way too much in this thing. I'm thinking that you have a controller that took a shit. your best bet take it to the dealer let them test it out. Make sure that is the problem. they are going to have to program it for ya anyways. Might as well make sure that it is the problem. If it something in the harness shorting out let them fry the new controller, not you.

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