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Aug 22, 2006
Has anyone built a 'unique' attachment, something that you needed for your particular work?, and was not available anywhere?. I'm working on something and post pictures when finished. It's not a big deal just something to alleviate frustration.


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Jan 20, 2006
I made a 4' high 4' by 6' platform that slips over my pallet forks. I use it for setting materials up on the overhead balcony that is 12 ft high in my shop. But its is also used quite a bit for anything from changing light bulbs in the shop, to helping my wife put up christmas light, pruning trees, you name it.
Structural is just .100" wall sq tubing with an expanded mesh top. I made it when I had my 753 and was trying to keep the weight down. But its braced well and plenty strong for lifting 1000 lbs.
The skids it sits on have a pocket for the forks to slip into, so I can load a pallet on it then pick the lift up by just driving up to it. I have a pin I drop though a hole in the skids and throught one fork tine to hold it from slipping off. I know it would not fly with the safety police, but its 100 times safer then a 14' step ladder imo.


Oct 28, 2006
About unique attachments I have a demolition company and could never find an attachment that would perform all the functions I wanted on a job so I invented my own, pursued and was awarded the US patent and the Canadian patent as well as the US trademark. I found that most attachments are designed by engineers and not operators giving them limited use. Also the more the dealers sell the more they make so they want to sell you six attachments instead of one. Anyway if you get a chance take a look at demo-dozer.com this is my website, I use the Demo-Dozer everyday in my business and sold quite a few units last year. Have a great day.

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