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Dec 14, 2008
Hey Guys,

I have a 2014 T770 with standard flow. The Lift arms are very slow to lift and are very very slow to lift with a load in the bucket. It moves forward, backs and turns just fine. The bucket dumps and curls fine. Seems to be only the lift affected. I can jingle the drive handles as I'm lifting and the arms go up a lift faster. There is a check valve on the main body valve that after some online searching I found out that this backup check valve has caused issues. I pulled the line and the fitting from the main value body to find that the screen & spring had both blown out of their original location. Fortunately the screen had got caught in the spring and the spring in the metal line. I removed both of these, hoping this was my issue) and replaced value minus the screen, spring and the spring pin. According to the research I done online this is only a backup check valve in the event you loose hydraulic pressure it keeps that line from bleeding back and doesn't let you loose all functions at once. Either way I re-assembled hoping that the spring & screen that blew out was causing a blockage and not allowing the arms to get flow. Unfortunately didn't fix the issue. I have mechanical ability but know very little about this system, looking for any advice or direction I can get.

Thanks. PB

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