T250 pops a bad leak from hydrostatic pump shaft seal

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Acreage T250

Dec 21, 2022
Hi all. My 2008, T250 with standard (foot) controls all of sudden started leaking bad and it appears to be coming from the hydrostatic pump shaft belt end.

The machine has high hours, 7100hrs. I picked up the machine in Oct/22 and until this leak, it's been running fine except for a couple of minor items I fixed like replacing the fuel sender ,RH hand control to get the Aux working for my snow blade and aluminum soldered a leak in the rad.

I bought the unit through my brother in law at a construction company he works for and I have some of the service history, but didn't come across and pump service records. The machine was mostly used for landscaping. Ironically I came across the repair history for the leaky rad which I had to repair again.

Is a sudden leak typical of a worn seal on a high pressure pump? I'm used to worn seals developing slow leaks over time. I'm just concerned more costly issues maybe lurking.

Safe to say the motor and pump need to be pulled to change this seal? Pulling the pump & motor doesn't appear to be a fun task to replace a shaft seal.


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