source of leak

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Apr 29, 2023
743 recently started leaking when I had it parked on a little incline
looking at engine area lots of "wet" everywhere so did a foaming degreaser and hosed it down
first picture is before, second after
that little manifold before the fuel goes up to injectors was initially all wet
after cleaning looks like 'front most' fitting is where the wet is starting
I'll have to research that piece to see how to stop it unless someone here knows off hand

also re changing oil, there's' a hose out the back of engine block to drain but the cap on the valve cover is right below the exhaust pipe but is that where the new engine oil goes? like in a car...but tough to get even a funnel in there because of that exhaust line... found some utube that says it's the lower cap on the back of the engine so that seems weird cuz it's so low on the engine but it did look similar to the oil fill cap on the valve cover.

also is the engine oil diff from the hydraulic oil? ... did some more reading apparently the answer is yes...


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