removing cab on 763

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Dec 4, 2007
I recently bought a 763 F model that developed a hyd oil leak when not in use. I need to get to the hoses to check for the problem, checking problems on my wheel loaders was easy but getting into the Bobcat is new to me. How do I open or remove the cab on a 1998 - 763 (F) Bobcat, or the best way to gain access to hoses and valves. The 763 dosent seem to leak while in use but after its parked for a day a puddle of hydraulic oil developes under it, near the middle of the skidders bottom.


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May 24, 2006
Open the rear door and go around to the front of the cab and you'll see two nuts on studs at the bottom of the cab uprights. Remove the nuts and lift cab from front. It is hinged at the rear and supported by gas struts. If the bucket is not on it you need to block under the rear or the whole machine will tip back when the cab is all the way up.

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Jan 20, 2006
There is one nut that takes a 3/4 inch wrench in each front corner of the cab. Remove the them and push up on the grap handles.
There are drain holes that are likely mostly plugged on each side of the center chain case by the rear axel. The oil likely acummulates in there while running then seeps out when you parked. Since you have never had the cab up, you may want to take it to the car wash and clean up under there. Then grease your steering levers, check the oil in the fan gear box, lube the spring loaded belt tensioner for the fan so it moves freely again and finf your oil leak.
Happy hunting.

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