play in the pivits and piston arms .

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Jan 4, 2008
hello, every one , i was looking over my L565 , and for its age it move nice , but when i start moving the bucket the pivit on the quick attach has some play in it , as well as the two main boom pistons at the points left and right of the drivers seat . is thier a bushing or shim pack or is the a rebuildable item . when do i know when its nessasary to just add grease or change out or rebuild parts . greasing seams to get past and ousses out and doesn't seem to fill the gap , now i noticed that thier is some kind of a dust washer thier could that be replaced to hold the grease in . changing the pins for inspection , is thier oversized like in piston rings.


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Dec 7, 2004
I don't know what the pivot pin setup is on this machine but everything is repairable. If the pin is worn you will be able to buy a new one, hopefully the bushing is re-renewable but if not someone will be able to machine it out and install one.
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