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Apr 18, 2006
Hello everyone, I just got home with an '02 863. I drove it around the yard a couple times... moved some dirt around (nothing serious) and let it sit. My dad came over like 30 minutes later drove it around... moved some dirt... same type thing and all the sudden the "Hydros. Charge Press." light came on and an alarm sounded. The operators handbook said that the engine would shut down after 10 seconds... it didn't. I shut it down and have tried to start...shutdown...start... shutdown a couple times, its still showing the warning light and alarm after 20 seconds of running. There are no codes coming up on the hour meter. So my question is... what the hell is this light and alarm all about. The dealer I got it from said it had all been serviced... and I am assuming that meant the hydro system as well as the engine. Anyone know what I need to do? Is there a way to check the hydrolic fluid levels? Do I even need to? Any suggestions or replys are greatly appreciated. Thanks in addvace.

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Jan 20, 2006
There should be a sight glass somewhere that you can check the oil level,(it will say in your owners manual, you did get one?) but if oil ain't running out the bottom thats not too likely. Still the operator should know how to check the hyd oil. It could be a sensor that has gone south,or a failure of the the computer (Boss) that monitors the machine, could be a plugged hydrostatic filter( which hopefully would have been changed) However If I had bought a (just) 4 year old machine directly from a dealer, only used it a hour or two, I'd be on the phone, asking him these questions, and seeing when he is coming to look at it. How many hours are on the machine? sorry I'm not of more help, but there are a number of things that could cause this. Aside from checking the oil level and then replacing the hydraulic filter(s) there is not alot you can do Let us know how it goes Regards Ken