Is Anyone Doing Construction Cleanup

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Mar 14, 2007
Is anyone doing construction cleanup? I have a small dozer at this time and am looking at an S300. To determine a business plan/payback I am trying to determine what people are charging for construction cleanup on a standard .2 ac lot after house is complete. And I was hoping you could tell me what kind of time you are looking at on average. I am using 425/lot and figuring 6 hrs time Is that anywhere in the neighborhood with a skidsteer with a grapple bucket?


Active member
Jan 2, 2007
well sounds to me like a rough job, i end up doing alot of cleaning on jobs sites just so i can do my work, the only thing i think you need to put real thought in to is your tires. carpenters love to drop nails, i think it is a game to them. you need to make sure you fill your tires before you ever start or that 6 hour projected time will turn in to 2 hours working 4 hours fixing a flat 2 more hours working....... just bought a new set of tires for mine 800 bucks, so this is still fresh on my mind

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