How to move disabled skid steer?

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Sep 22, 2006
I am working on getting a skid steer in which the engine is not running. It will be a winter project to get it running again. I am wondering how skid steers are to load on a trailer when they aren't running? Do they generally have disconnects on the drive motors or do the hydraulic pump/motors allow the wheels to turn when the engine is not running? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The unit is a Gehl if that helps. Thanks Chris


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Dec 7, 2004
Bobcat has a part that you insert into the hydrostatic pump to allow it to be towed at low speed, as for price i have no idea, but i'm sure its not cheap.
I have bought 3 dead skid steers, all i ever did was drag them off the back of the tilt tray with another skid steer and push it around to where it was wanted so i could work on it.
The only other way is to remove the 2 big fat hoses that go to the motors and plug the ends that go to the pump. Only move it slowly and make sure you keep it clean! you don't want it digesting any dirt that may destroy your pump and motors. If it was me, i would just use brute force and drag it around to where it is needed. The motors will gurgle and push out foamy oil, just plug them up when your done moving it.
Good luck with your project!, make sure you take lots of piccies and keep us posted :)