bobcat 873 turbo-hydraulics

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Jul 16, 2007
My 873 is leaking hydraulic fluid from the chain pan even after i replace the access cover gaskets. The reason for this is the fluid in the chain pan is pressureised and nothing hydraulic works. The engine starts fine,idles fine. My question is how do i eliminate pressure in the chain pan? Thanks for any assistance offered.


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Dec 7, 2004
I don't understand where the pressure would be coming from.....
Are you sure the gasket was not supposed to be attached with silicone too? these plates sometimes require silicone to seal properly. Just a thought.


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Feb 8, 2007
Sounds to me you have a leaking internal seal on one of your drive motors which is filling up your chain case with hydraulic oil ,and there s no oil in the tank and thats way nothing hydraulic is working , there is a plug on the front of the machine about 8inches off the ground , consider it a rear axle plug , when you take the plug out on level ground the oil ( 10-30, 10-40, 15-40) level should be right at the bottom of the threaded hole , if it's over full it is probally the seal of the drive motor , sometimes though water will get in the chain case and float the oil level up higher than the plug , if you are losing hydraulic oil and don't see any leaks it is filling up the case which holds a lot over full , when the chan case is full it will start leaking fron the vent plug on the case cover and the gaskets of the 3 covers that cover the chain case , not too bad a job to repair