Best fluid to run in763 bottom chain drive

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Jul 19, 2016
honestly I think as long as your using an oi l that flows in the temps you operate (like in very cold winter use ) and you keep it clean and fresh,
and filled where it should be!
it really doesn't matter, its basically only oiling a chain and its sprockets , and such
its real easy to over think things wanting the best"X"
all you need is clean oil and regular replacement to make things last !

you just don't want it to have water in it, ( water makes rust chains and metal parts, or can freeze and wear out faster, and water can build up over time from condensation , more often in places that have wider temps and weather swing, and pending where machine is kept )
or dirt in it,( which wears chains out and sprockets out )

you just want what ever oil you use to be able to stay thin enough to coat and lube things, where your at,(winter areas thinner fluids get my vote)

so how you use , and where your located at dictates this!
you will have to decide on your use and location!

I am NO expert so, its just my opinion
but has served me well over a few decades


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Sep 6, 2023
Yeah, thats good information! I re- use old hydraulic oil or new 30 wt motor oil in mine mostly, Gearlube would probably work but it's not what bobcat recommends. I actually wonder if it would be better in real hot weather,

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