743 Hydrostatic pump

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Dec 7, 2004
I have a 743 that for the life of me i can't get the controlls to centre correctly. I have pulled the hydrostatic pump and checked the pistons and faced the swash plates, as the bobcat fell off the back of a truck, i wasn't sure if there was any damage inside. It still has the same problem, with the park brake on, you try and start the machine and the right controll lever thrashes around, with a horrid crunching sound. Take the park brake off and it will start and run just fine. I spoke to Clark about this and was told its just the hydrostatic levers are out of alignment. I greased the levers, they all move easily, then i replaced the nylon bushes on the pump, and re-ground the metal pieces that are used to centre the pump. I can get it soooo close, but never quite rite. There is such a small margin of error that is allowed before the wheels start turning before and after centre.
Am i missing something here? I probably should have left the pump how it was, a bit of internal leakage probably would have helped this problem. It has a heap of power, but i can't always start the machine with the park brake on. As i want to sell this machine, i really want it to be rite.
My spell checker doesn't work on this pc, so i'm sorry for any poor spelling.

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