743 hydraulic problem

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New member
Jun 23, 2007
I have a 743 with less than 2000 hours on it. When I put it in the shop last night the machine was running fine. I changed the engine oil and greased the machine. Tonight I was working on enclosing the cab. I started the machine to lift the arms and found the machine would only lift if I got the pedal in the right position. Also the I can not curl the bucket. The pedal does nothing. The arms will only go down and do so slowly if the machine is off..... I never had Any trouble with the hydraulics so this is strange. Any ideas??????????


Staff member
Dec 7, 2004
Check your right stick, pull it all the way to the left then let it spring back to centre. It may be stuck in detent that basically puts continuous oil through the quick couplers. This causes havoc to the other hydraulics if there is no attachment attached, all the oil goes over the relief valve and very little hydraulic power is left.
9/10 times that is the problem.