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Nov 4, 2023
Hello everyone,
I have a LS150 that I've been working on and I fixed my auxiliary yesterday and it's working great! A question I have is; is there a special trick to putting quick attach on? Not easy to get the tools attached. Managed to get my 4in1 working but auger was leaking oil on the female end. Another question is about neutral setting for driving. Do I need to get it up on blocks so the wheels can spin freely or can one do it on the ground? Also did anyone have a owners manual download? I feel like it would be good to have a file for that. I got workshop service one but not to much of general operation.
Thanks 😁


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Dec 15, 2016
Re quick attach ...
Are you refering to the mounting plate for the bucket, or the hydraulic connectors?
When i first got my lx865, the quick attach plate was warped, one side would "hook in" but the other side would not. We cured this by cutting the cross bar (actually cut a 6-8 in section out) strapping the individual plates back against the lift arms & welding the section back in. If you take this route, beware of worn, floppy lower hing bushings. ( i still have not replaced mine).
. I also had issues with the attach locking pins not fully retracting.
the 12 point headed bolt in the assembly would back out, so the pin would not retract. Some previous owner had actually cut the tip of the pin off with a torch. (I replaced pin with an ebay part) Then i had problems with the bolts that are the pivot points for the handles not staying tight ... threaded holes worn/stripped. Also the roll pin that actually attaches the bucket retainer pin comes out, allowing the pin itself to drop out. I heard or read some where that NH had actually updated the parts once, then advised "(the operator should lift the handles by hand when attaching tools like bucket, etc.)"
. I actualy cut a notched stick to hold the handles up, but eventually, i lost the stick.
. Hydralic connectors ... on another machine, i has to loosen a hose & vent some hydraulic pressure to allow me t plug in the hose.

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