2000 Bobcat 773G won't start

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Jan 6, 2024
First time on a forum so be gentle. I have a 2000 Bobcat 773G. I put very little hours on it.Personal use on my property. I decided to have a PM performed by my local Bobcat dealer. All fluids and filters. Technician said he lost prime. Said he was having trouble with the primer bulb so he had to change it. After he changed it he said he was still having problems with the primer bulb. Changed a second one and said it was fine. He got the machine started for a few minutes and stopped it. Told me everything is fine but my battery was low. Showed me a print out that showed it pretty low. I told him I would put it on a tender and if after that it is still low I would change it. Couple of days later I went to start it and it would run for less than a minute and die. Did that over and over until my battery went dead. I contacted them and told them to replace the battery. He changed it and told me that with a low battery the engine will not run. Some sort of safety mechanism. Changed the battery and they said everything is fine. Today I got it started and less than a minute it dies again. Got it started and within seconds it dies. Tried a few times and now won't turnover. Any advice or help is appreciated.


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Dec 7, 2004
How does it die, sudden stop, slow, does it smoke?

Get a fresh battery in it, tell me how it cranks, does it engage but not turn? does it turn not start?

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