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    lx 665 acts like bobcat

    MY lx665 has always been smooth operating till recently, now it is jerky and jumpy especially when digging in with the bucket edge.. I looked at the neutralizer and everything seems to be in order except the two bushings toward the front may be worn. I will replace them, any other likely...
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    LX665 Gear box oil drain location

    The operators manual shows only a fill point ,does not show a drain on those gearboxes. Fill with 80-9o gear oil. is The oil in them contaminated?
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    main return line in belly of 665

    Sorry,about the delay in answering. I did manage to save the cooler fitting using a knife shaped thread file and then took a female jic cap and cut three slots in it so it worked as a crude die to reshape the thread. Thanks for alll the suggestions and help. Amazing how fast that broken hose...
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    main return line in belly of 665

    Well, things took a turn for the worse , got new hose in started up ,big oil leak from fitting on cooler. It was crossthreaded, too many cooks in the kitchen . Now i need another hose but also need to know if fitting on cooler can be replaced. I am guessing it is silver soldered in.
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    main return line in belly of 665

    Thank you for the reply, I got the line off the cooler ,just was very tight. i cut the hose at the 90 and pulled it out forward, At this point it looks like I will either have to lower the fuel tank or tilt the cab to get the new one in. I know some have gone over the crossmenber with it but...
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    main return line in belly of 665

    I am removing the hyd line that goes from cooler to control valves on a lx 665 , I have radiator off but cannot get the ell shaped fitting off the cooler , any help would be appreciated muchly.
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    Adapting a Bobcat Backhoe

    I have a old davis hoe on my lx665 , had it on a 632 bobcat before. It is hard to find a decent mounting place for the solid link without obstructing the doorway. In the end I put a heavy angle iron on the outside of door transom and used a single trailer hitch ball on it. It has worked well...
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    Bucket Float Question

    my lx665 is much older but also has a iffy float position, if engaged when stationary it will tend to lift the machine until you begin to move. There is a improved float kit for them but I never checked into it.
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    Starter won't stop

    The starter interlock relay is the upper one and the start and preheat are the two lower ones. not sure if the preheat and interlock can be swapped. To avoid burning up the starter in the future I put a disconnect from harbor freight in the battery cable, cost about 10 bucks.
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    Starter won't stop

    I think your starter solenoid has welded the points shut , you will have to have it rebuilt. Usual cause is low voltage I was told by starter rebuilder when this happened to me.
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    water in gear box question

    If you thaw it with the heater take out the drain plug /drain the water and add oil as necessary. wont take any longer than heating it twice.
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    Bobcat 742 very hard to start

    Take the air inlet hose off the carb and make sure the choke is closing completely, I had the same trouble with a 632 and it was the choke not completely closing.
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    Lx665 max speed & throttle stop bolts

    The book for the 665 says 3050 to 3170 high speed and 900 idle.
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    brackets for backhoe on new holland

    To mount my davis hoe on the lx665 I bolted a heavy angle on the outside of the door threshold and put a single ball in the center of it. So far it has worked ok just make sure the boom will clear when you raise it.
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    care and feeding of LS170

    Yes, it is the t6 rotella oil , and leave it in year around. There always is some debate as to whether synthetic has any advantage however I have used it in most machines here for many years and like it. I just have cheap 10-30 in the hydraulic system. If you have biodiesel fuel though look in...