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Apr 30, 2005
This might be a good question for JustAwrench. Let's say I have a '05 S205 and I install the 14 pin attachment control harness only (no 7-pin). Then let's say I want to use a Brand X dozer blade that has a selenoid operated diverter valve. To tilt I just use the right joystick paddle switch, like using a grapple. But to angle the blade, I need to actuate the selenoid by pushing a button on the left joystick, while at the same time running the right paddle switch. BUT it doesn't let me push both buttons at once. What is going on here? ..................... There must be different modes that can be turned on with different jumper wires in the attachment wire harness. I know there is a K-L jumper used for some high flow applications, are there any more jumper wires that Bobcat uses? Thanks.


Jan 3, 2006
I have a 04 t300 with ajc and want to connect a grouser 6 way with 2 wire solenoid to 7 wire harness. Terminals at connection on boom are factory a-g can you tell me which terminals to use to activate solenoid and which switch at ajc corresponds? and like you I would like to know if you must engage left switch and right paddle or will left swithc engage solenoid and hydraulic? Please Help! James M.

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