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May 9, 2005
The software versions 37.0 and higher have a provision for a service warning schedule, which interval can be set by preference. I have been setting the interval at 50 hrs. on new machines that I PDI (pre-delivery inspection) so that beginning at 40 hours, the operator, at engine start, will get a 2-beep audio and visual (in the hour meter screen)warning informing him to service his machine. He can reset from the panel but the interval can only be reset with the service computer and interface. Ideally, I would think the customer would bring it to us for the first service, where we could then reset to 250 hrs. But-I have been wondering-would this tend to irritate and annoy rather than help-How would you feel if you got a service warning on a new machine at 40 hours, then found out you had to have a software mod to turn it off or change it? I think most customers would appreciate the reminder-we had a guy recently who had to buy an engine because he never serviced it for 1300 hrs-I don't want to see that happen to anyone again, or at least make it so I don't have any excuse to feel guilty=). What do you think about the clock? Shane


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Dec 7, 2004
I do believe this to be a good idea, BUT personally i would get cranky if i had to drive bobcat back to the dealer to get the computer re-set to 250 hours. Especially if they charged me to get it done, even if you do your own services. But if they included a free service just to check that the machine was "breaking in" correctly and re-set the clock when this was done i believe to be a good idea. I'm sure there are quite a few people that only service their units when there is a problem, i know a scrap metal dealer that is like this, his engine oil in his 763 is jet black and he thrashes it. Personally i would rather over-service my bobcat, the price of oil and filters is WAY cheaper than a new engine or hydrostatic parts. Just my 2c worth.


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Mar 5, 2004
Sounds like a great feature, but only wish the user could set it. I performed my own 50 hour service. I was going to have the dealership do it, but they said I could do it myself. There is really nothing in the 50 hour service that most mechanically inclined people can handle. It's kind of a pain in the butt to try schedule a service, then take the time to bring your machine down there also. Not to mention that the service occurs during normal business hours, so the machine is not making you any money. I do all my service after hours or on weekends.
I probably over serice my machine also. I was ready to change the hydraulic fluid at 500 hours, but then saw the recommended interval of 1,000 hours. Filters and oil are cheap compared engine repairs. A service manual is also required if you plan on doing your own maintenance. There are other service requirements other than fluids and filters.