Remote Hydraulics 642B

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Brian A

New member
Feb 15, 2005
I have an older model 642b that i was told had remote hydraulics once upon a time but were disconected and removed when the lines needed to be replaced. How much work and $ would it take to get them set back up? how can i tell if the skidsteer had them at one point? I know they were an option on this machine. Thanks in advance for any feeedback, as i am new to this. Regards, Brian


Well-known member
May 1, 2004
The valve for remote hydralics is in the right handle you should be able to see the ports on the valve on the bottom of the handle they sometimes had a bolt holding the stick from moving i may be wrong but i belive they all had the valving just not the lines you may need to remove the seat pan to see the valve if the lines are gone that may be a b*&%^ to put them back on just finding the hard lines may be tough . Go to ebay and buy the service manual they are about 30 bucks good luck and welcome to the forum