Possible 763 Find

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Mar 17, 2007
I ran across a decent looking 763 (F series) today, a '98 or '99. The machine looks well maintained, has a nice 4:1 bucket, 60% tread and 1850 hours. Owner has used it for 3 years. It has the BICS, but no BOSS, which I understand is a good thing.

I talked to the owner by phone and I may test it Saturday. Here's the issue. When I raised the radiator cover to get the serial number, the Data Plate with the serial number is missing. You can see where it was removed. I quizzed the owner and he was truly surprised, saying it was there when he parked the machine. He said he had the number on his bill of sale, but is there another location on the machine that I can verify number? I'm guessing that someone may have taken the plate to make some other machine "valid". I'm also guessing that this may be a common issue, and COULD be a problem for me down the road.

Is this something to worry about for me since there is no title here?


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Dec 7, 2004
The only thing you *may* be able to do is call your dealer and quote your engine number. They may have a listing of the engines that were installed to a specific machine serial number. I have bought a few machines without serial number platesand it has never been an issue. I just made sure i got a receipt from the person i bought it off just in case.....
Sounds like a good machine though, from everything i hear about BOSS its really not something i want in a machine either. I never used to like the idea of BICS either but after what i have read about it, i actually think its a good idea but i will find out in time when i get my 751 up and running.