No power in low speed on belt drive skid steer...

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Jan 25, 2007
I have a mid 1970's Case 1737 skid steer and it has a belt drive system and when I go into low speed I have no power at all in the drive train, I can't even go up a small hill. I can go forward and back a little but only downhill or on flat ground. In high speed I have full power and can go up just about any hill. When I go into low speed the drive belt is supposed to ride in two pulleys, one opens up and one closes and it 'changes gears'. I noticed today that when I was in low gear that the rear pulley actually stopped. I'm not sure if the belt is slipping but it doesn't look like it, I can see the larger pulley behind the seat when driving. I did read in the manual that the pulleys are supposed to be greased on a regular basis and I greased them today but it didn't help. Any ideas on what is wrong? I don't think the belt is adjustable, perhaps there is a problem with the hydraulics putting the gears in low speed? Or maybe the clutches? I would think if it were the clutches that the high speed would lack power too.......?