Looking to buy new skid steer and would like opinions.

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Dec 19, 2010
We are currently running Case 85xt. I am looking for something comparable to these as far as lifting capacity and auger drilling capabilities. It will be used for drilling post holes normally 18" in diameter and around 5' deep. There will be a boom installed on it to set posts and trusses. Occasionaly forks will be put on to carry material around. It will also be used to put in building pads and will have a push box put on it in the winter for snow removal. What are your suggestions for types and models to look at? The ground will vary in texture as to what we will be drilling through, rock, dirt, soft pack and hard pack. I am looking to buy used and at a fair price. I have considered a Bobcat s250 with heat and a/c. If you could give me some suggestions and personal preferences for equipment of this type, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Aug 7, 2013
I was looking for a used S185 or S250 last year, and all I could find were ones that had seen quite a bit of hard use. Then I ran across an S650 with less than 600 hours on it, and it had only fed buffalo, and looked pretty much like new. I hadn't planned to spend that much on a machine but the condition was good enough and the price was right and I pulled the trigger on it. It is comparable to an S250. It does everything I need and more, and I was lucky to pick up a low hour machine that had seen only mild use.