Heater connections for 751C with Peugeot engine

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Mar 15, 2004
All, I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to hook up a heater for my 751C with Peugeot engine. I see one water hose (5/8"?) coming from near the base of the thermostat housing (right hand side of engine as you view it while standing behind the Bobcat). Unfortunately, the 2" long piece of hose connects to a tube which disappears around the right hand side of the engine and into the lurking darkness beyond. Obviously, the back side of the engine is accessible only to mice. I'm assuming the heater should be inserted in that line somehow. Any ideas? I can't find any reference to a heater in my shop manual. Many tnx, ---Bob


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Jan 20, 2006
That hose you speak of is likely where the hot coolant returns to the bottom of the engine while the thermostat is closed (engine still warming up)
You want to take your hot supply from just below the thermostat and return it to the bottom of the engine.
I took my hot from the thermostat housing and made a 3/8" restrictor T and put it in the line going from the thermostat to the bottom of the engine.
The restrictor goes towards the thermostat in this line and the return from the heater goes into the oposite side of this line into the low pressure area created by the restiction.
Look at the photos in 853 heater install. I did have to access the back of the engine in the "mice only" area to connect the return line. This was a Isuzu, but yours is likely simular.

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