glow plug connection

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Jan 8, 2004
It was necessary to replace the starter on my '88 643 Cat recently, as a consequence of taking the thing out, I pulled a wire loose that comes from the pre-heat relay that is suppose to be connected to the glow plug rail.. The only place that I can see where it might have been attached is at the rear of the glow plug rail on the back side of the engine..all this while standing on my head looking through bifocals has a thumb nut and a small almost unreadable sticker that reads something to the effect of not tightening this nut with tools etc..NOW, is this the place to attach the wire???? Cause I have attached it, but do not hear the clicking sound as before when it is on....My wiring diagram shows the wire as 28B, light blue/orange, 10 guage, but as usual with these diagrams, it shows it ( for simplicity sake, I guess) on the front part of the rail but I cannot find anywhere it would attach. Thanks for the help.