Fuel in oil

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Mar 15, 2023
hey guys I have a 743 that I keep getting a ton of fuel in my oil. I bought the machine used from a friend and the Motor only has prob about 700 hours on after it was rebuilt. The oil level got so high the first time it started pouring out of the blow by tube. I instantly thought the worst. I checked the oil just and all I could smell was diesel fuel. Since I had a hydraulic leak on one of the steel lines behind the motor I decided I was going Park the machine pull the motor, replace the lines, and run a compression test while it was out. Checked compression and had 448,448,449,450. I noticed that the return line was pinched behind the fuel tank and figured ehh maybe was it. Changed all filters, fluids, glow plugs and put it all back together. Ran about a full tank through the machine and a halfway through my second one it happened again. So here I am! my thoughts are it could either be a stuck injector or the injection pump. Just wondering what else should I check or if im missing something. Anyway the fuel lift pump could leak? The thing is the machine runs great starts right up now loss of power. Any ideas ?
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