Dump Trailers

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Mar 5, 2004
Does anyone here have experience with dump trailers? I was looking at a 12' or 14' long, 13,800# GVWR Maxi-Dump (http://www.maxidump.com/mdt6812.html) trailer I could use to haul my Bobcat to the jobsite and then haul material. I don't want to spend the money on a full size dump truck because I would have to then really work the truck to pay for itself. The trailers are fairly inexpensive (~$7,000) compared to a full sized dump truck. I also wouldn't have to insure another vehicle, so more cost savings.
Dump trucks hire out for $80-$85 per hour where I am located at and you usually have to schedule a few days in advance. The dump trailer can haul about 5 yards of material, so about half of the dump truck's capacity. This means I could charge about $40-$45 per hour when hauling materials (maybe even as high as $60) and still be competitve with a full size truck. Not to mention the convienence of always being available, not waiting on someone else. Of course this would only work on smaller jobs where only 10-20 yards of material may be needed, otherwise you'd spend all your time trucking and not be able to run your Bobcat.