Dead Kubota V1702 engine

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Dec 7, 2004
Not sure if anyone is interested, but i have a few pics of a V1702 engine from a 743 i got at auction. I don't know why it broke, but it did a pretty good job. My dad and i don't think it swallowed water as when they do, they usually just bend a rod, but this has broken the con-rod and pulled the heads off the 2 big end bolts.
The rod punched through the dry liner and into the water jacket, all the oil was like grease and white.

The piston, and what was left of the con-rod, note the heads have been both torn off the bolts.

Punched through one side.

And cracked the other side.

Luckily i had a spare engine from the burnt out machine i re-built. The head on it was so badly damaged i got a 2nd hand engine from down south for $900 and re-conditioned it.
The head from this one shows slight water damage on 1 exhaust vavle, but not on pot number one that was the one that broke.

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