Check out my new skid steer radiator overflow tank! (Case 1737)

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Jan 25, 2007
I've just put the finishing touches on my skid steer and now it runs like a champ and is ready to do some real work! I've searched the net and found that many people with this Case 1737 skid steer (made back in the 1970s) have a problem with the antifreeze coming out of the radiator every time they stop. This skid steer does not have an overflow tank and this antifreeze spray can be frustrating. I've heard of people replacing the radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc.. and still ending up with the same problem. It's actually designed to run with the antifreeze low in the radiator but I find it's hard to know when it's full and when to add without hot antifreeze spraying all over (and without overheating due to not enough antifreeze). Here's my solution, I added an overflow tank and made a web page with some good photos. So far this has been working just great and fills up and empties just like it's supposed to without squirting antifreeze all over the place! Check it out, here's the page I made:


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Dec 7, 2004
Looks good to me.
Some older cars/machines never used a recovery system for their cooling system. I prefer the overflow tank idea as you know its full of fluid by just checking the tank.