bobcat 642b carburetor exchange

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Jul 14, 2022
I have a 642b with a Mitsubishi 4G32 engine. I am exchanging the old Minuni-Solex for a new one. The old one is a double barrel carburetor with one throat blocked off (? as a governor?) to keep the engine at 32 horsepower. I can't find the old one for sale and the new ones come only with 2 throats and 2 venturis operating. I want to know if there will be a problem using the new carburetor in my old machine and how tough it will be to install it. I can buy one on Amazon for about $120. Any thoughts?


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Jun 1, 2012
I have a brand new Mikuni-Solex carb. Still in the plastic. But I can not sell it for that cheap. I believe it was actually set up for a Clark forklift with the same 4G32 so all you would have to do is swap out the linkage and bolt it in. These are very hard to find and normally go for about $1300.00 Brand new. I had this for a spare for my 742B.

There are several posts on here about how to find the parts to rebuild your original carb.

There are several listings on eBay for 4G32 carbs. This one is specific for Bobcat that I found interesting:



Oct 10, 2018
I just did the exchange for the cheaper carb. I had to make a 1/2 inch spacer/riser for it to keep the linkage from interferring with the manifold and I used the plastic spacer from the old carb to get the hieght for clearance and to use same studs. Had to make a new rod for linkage, and right now I just disconnected and plug vacuum for the secondaries. I did post it might be a heading of 742B carb fix.

Runs great.