Auger hydrualic hose length

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May 18, 2022
I recently picked up a mcmillen auger used for my tl130 skidsteer. The auger head was set up for a back hoe but I found a tac plate for it then the auger head seperate.the hydrualic lines are 6 ft long and way to short.i was wondering if they have a industry standard length or if anyone has a suggestion on length I would rather order the right ones the first time. Thank you and have a good day


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Feb 9, 2014
Don’t go to short. The hoses will curl up under the attachment plate. I recently put new hoses on my bobcat 15 auger and I made them to short. I use my auger on a t200 and mt85, also I rent the auger to a friend who converted a Deere tractor to Skid-steer attachment plate. The hoses are just short enough to be annoying at full tilt on uneven ground. Hoses are not cheap but an extra foot wouldn’t have broke the bank. I upsized the diameter of the hose to allow better fluid flow. Also the threads on a #6 jic are weak compared to a #8 jic. If you have 45 degree fittings on the hose end to the couplers helps the hoses hang down instead of sticking straight out. I put 90 or 45 degree fittings on most of my hoses. The couplers are not cheap and with hoses sticking straight out they are more vulnerable to being hit and broke by things.

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