Any ideas to stop rust?

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Mar 17, 2005
Hi guys, I'm new here. I live in Green Bay and just bought a new S205. I use it mainly for snow removal and loading bulk salt. I had a 2002 S185 with 350 hours that was showing alot of rust in and out. I know that in a perfect world the machine would get washed after each use but it just isnt feasible with the temps around here. Plus no shop. I want to protect my new one from the same fate. Does anyone have any solutions or sprays they use to combat this? Maybe a light oil mix? I even need it inside the cab because with getting in and out of the machine salt inevitably gets in and on the cab. Any ideas would be appreciated. By the way the S205 has a lot more low end power and is so much smoother than my S185. I am really happy with it.


Feb 23, 2005
Hello, Boeing uses a product(alot used in marine ) use called T-9 , just spray it all over the engine, wires, everywhere you want production, I have used it alot and it works. you can get it from usboats, or west marine storys. You can also spray WD-40 all over everything but it will not last liek t9 will. Allen