753 Bobcat No Go Problem

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Feb 15, 2007
Hey Guys I have a 1992 753 that I recently purchased and am a little unfamilure with as i owned a Bobcat 610 previously.The machine ran fine when i parked it before this Deep Freeze we are havin in Pennsylvania.The hydraulics for the lift and tilt cylinders work perfectly but the foward and reverse steering sticks dont do anything except make a groaning noise. The machine has a major leak in the valve body under the seat and the previous owner said the O ring needs replaced but the machine still ran good and i always made sure the oil level was full. My thoughts are that the O ring seal failed completely or there is a safety switch electrical issue that wont let the machine go fwd.or rev. I must also say the the previous owner Cannabalized the electrical wiring and nothing is original. Any of your thoughts on this would be Greatly Appreciated! Thanks


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Feb 8, 2007
From what you say I'd think the parking brake is not releasing , it is a golden colored round solinoid in the middle of the chain case, right under the front of the steering bars , and if you have a OEM backup alarm it will right under the micro switch bracket , it's held in by 2 bolts and has a 3 wire plug going to it , it is spring loaded to be on and solinoid pulled off , you should hear it click when you push the button on the left handle console the button will say something like push to operate depending on vintage of machine , there is a fuse and a relay that are tied into brake wiring , sometimes if the machine was parked on an incline you will have to hit the steering levers back or forth a bit to get the wedge unjammed and released , on the right side of the seat should be a box which has a number of green lights , with the seat bar down and you in the seat , key on or code entered , push the operate button and all the lights should be lite , if your box is older and has never been upgraded it has a seat light and if it is not lit it may be something as simple as junk under the seat , any way if the lights are not all staying lit post back and try to count the flashes of the light that is not staying lit , hope it helps so far fishfiles