Where to find Bob-Tach for oldish 443, differences with 453/463

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Nov 13, 2004
I just bought an old used 443 skid loader and have been working on restoring it. My initial glee turned to depression upon finding out how badly the previous owner(s) had treated it. The guy at the Bobcat dealer parts department knows me by voice on the phone now, and always asks how my 'project' is going. I am wondering if anybody has ideas on where I can find a Bob-Tach for a 443? The previous owner welded the Bob-Tach to the bucket, and all the internal parts for the latching pins and lever are gone. The interior of the Bob-Tach is actually filled with concrete and stuff, making any attempt at repairing it a major nightmare. Is it worth trying to repair it? Am I screwed? I want to be able to make/adapt attachments for the machine, since that's one of the great strengths of the whole Bob-Tach idea. What are the differences between the 443's Bob-Tach and the 453 and 463? The Bobcat parts guy says there are some differences but did not elaborate. Any help would be appreciated. :)


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Dec 7, 2004
I believe the only difference will be the pivot pin size (don't quote me). You should be able to save the old bob-tach with some effort. You should be able to remove the bulk of the concrete with an air chistle for the bulk concrete and a de-scailing gun for the smaller amounts. The final cleanup can be done with hydrochloric acid (swimming pool acid) and a paint brush. Be carefull using the acid tho, the fumes are quite nasty. The good thing is the acid also removes rust :) i wish you well on your "project" i know what its like, i have a project too. Its in the form of a 731, i have lost count of how many hours i have spent on it. The time has been well worth it, it has been a good challenge.