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Jan 20, 2006
I have a friend who is in the business of selling equipment inspection reports of equipment up for auction at Ritchie Brothers equipment auctions across Canada. He is independant of the auctioneers and sellers and makes his reports available for purchase online. This service is aimed at potential buyers that don't wish to attend the sale in person or send a representative to inspect the machines.
The equipment can be purchased by bidding online, and this resource is intended to provide a unbiased appraisal of its condition.
You can review the reports for free of past sales, by registering. This way potential customers can look at the reports, and compare them to the equipment they have looked at.
If you have time, please visit his site at www.globalequipmentinspections.com , please post your thoughts, good, bad or otherwise, or email them to the address on the site.
This is a new business, and we could use your input.