Used vs new metal gasket depths for hydrostatic pump

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May 25, 2022
My AliExpress seal kit (Danfoss MPT046 equivalent) for the Bobcat 853 hydrostatic pump came with two replacement metal seals to replace the two large OEM metal seals at both ends of the pump, (The 4 service piston replacement gaskets were flat metal OEM, but TS-9013 fiber based in the AliExpress kit)

Out of curiosity, I measured the "depth" of the two seals, as well as the metal thickness, to see how much "crush" depth difference there was between the two.

The OEM seals were thicker metal to begin with, at .79mm. The remaining depth of the raised part of the old seal was .899mm.

The new seals were .592mm thick. The depth of the raised surface is 1.202mm.

This points to not reusing a crush gasket like this, but hey, if it's all you got, you gotta make do.

What would be interesting to know is how thick the metal is on the Bobcat (or Genie, below) branded seal kit.

Side note: these Sauer/Danfoss pumps are used by Genie for some of their lifts (single pump, though, not double like ours), and they have the same gaskets. You would have to buy two of the Genie seal kits, and you may well need to buy some other random o-rings.