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Dec 6, 2006
Hi all, I'm looking for some help in Texas. I'm currently in the military and am fixing to retire in 2 years. I'm in the Dallas area and there building like crazy around here. I see skid steers everywhere around here working, doing just about everything from final grade on housing complexes to major building contracts. I'm looking at purchasing one and working parttime on the weekends to get started then steping into it full time after i retire. I talked to some guys about it but never seam to get any answers. I know i need insurance and did some research on that. It will cost about $1000 a year for liability. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade so i'm not to worried about maintaining the equipment. I have a pretty good knowledge of Hydraulics, engine and electrical since i been doing it for the past 18 years. I figure i can pick up a trailer and skid steer for about 15 to 20 thousand in this area. My big thing is where do i start. There are tons of new housing complexes going up in my area. I probably seen 1000 houses within 5 miles built in the last 4 years. Everyone i talk to say they have some much business they can't stay on top of it. I been reading your forum and seen simular questions asked but there all up north in Canada and winter wonder land. Down here you can work pretty much year round in good weather. I'm tired of working for Uncle Sam and want to live the american dream and be my own boss. Can anyone help?


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Nov 17, 2006
I'd say get the machine and get some hours in it to get comfortable enough that you can charge for your time. What do you LIKE to do? Rough work moving lots of material ? Finish / detail oriented work? Figure that out and set up accordingly. Maybe start out with a few small projects for people you know and do good work. In my experience, if you do good work and charge a fair price, the rest will take care of itself. I have never even so much as put an ad in the yellow pages and have turned down work consistently because I've been too busy. Referrals should be the source of almost all of your work. Once you have the machine, I think you'll be surprised how people come out of the woodwork looking for help. Also, you'll probably find yourself doing a lot of things you never dreamed of in the beginning, as customers will pull you in all sorts of directions. Then you can start acquiring more attatchments, etc, which to me is half the fun! More toys is a good thing.
Good Luck