rubber tracks

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Oct 9, 2006
Thinking of buying a set of over the tire tracks. just would like to know everyones opinion. rubber or metal, what brands /, benefits and down side of each?


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Sep 19, 2006
Just to let you know...many over the tire tracks can increase wear on your chains and sprockets and bearings inside your chain fact some tracks (rubber types) you really should disconnect your front drive chains to the axles! Two places tugging at each other are actually fighting each other so damage in the chain case usually appears.
Goodyear makes a set that you need to purchase their tires and wheels and then need special tools to install! Expensive, I would contact the dealer of the machine you own and ask about the ups and downs to the system they recommend.
Then remember, you can still get a flat tire....what possible damage to your machine would happen if the over the tire track became suddenly loose?
Im sure there are many thoughts from others about this subject...
Ive seen the bills in our shop when it back fires!