oil change and fluid change question

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Mar 18, 2007
Well I go sign the papers on 1995 873 bobcat. I have never operated one B4 but looking forward to it. I consider my self fairly mechanical but have never stuck my nose into a bobcat B4. Instead of having the bobcat dealer change all the fluids and filters, isn't that something I can do? Where is the best place to get filters for them? Sounds like bobcat is alittle on the expensive side. Should I run synthetic oil. Any info for this newby would be great.


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Jan 20, 2006
If you search "oil" in this forum you should come up with several past posts on this subject.
Many drain their hyd resevior into the chain case when the 1000 hr change interval come up.
Chain case oil often gets water contaminated, look for milky color, Don't forget to check the gear oil level in the 90 degree gear case that drives the cooling fan
As for filters I find the local dealer not much higher then Baldwin or purolator, I run mostly aftermarket, I think they all are pretty good these days.
Your machine may have case drain filter on the hyd motors that drive the wheels, they are bronze screen inside a aluminum case and are on the small case drain hose, they can be rinced or replaced depending on how big your budget is.
Synthetic, thats up to you


Mar 24, 2007
I change all of my own myself and dont' yet have any regrets. Just use a good diesel engine oil and good hydraulic fluid and you should be ok. For god's sake don't buy the cheap junk. I've found that just about all of the filters can be matched at NAPA or at O'Reilly's. Just be sure to take the old filters with you to match them cause those guys do have quite a personnel turnover and some of em just don't know what they are doing in matching part numbers. DO NOT, DO NOT, throw away the old filters until you are sure that you have the right size new one. Good Luck