New member, new (old) Bobcat

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Oct 14, 2022
Hey everyone, just joined the other day because I bought an old 753 at an auction. Called the local Bobcat dealer this morning and gave them the serial# (515813789) and they said that's not a valid serial number. Sent them a pic of the serial plate and they then told me it's a late F-model, "probably" from 1996. I think they have their heads up their arse because the F series didn't even start until 1997 from what I can tell. I've been looking at serial numbers on a bunch of Internet auction results, and I found a couple 1998 models with numbers close to mine, so I'm pretty sure it's a 98.

It's missing one wheel, and the other 3 tires are pretty much junk, but I scored a set of brand new takeoffs from a friend that put solid tires on his skidsteer right after he bought it. Came off a Kubota, but as far as I can see, they are the same bolt pattern, and the color is really close to Bobcat orange lol.

Hopefully it turns out to be worth fixing up. If not, I got it cheap enough that I can still make a profit parting it out. Have to go back and pick up all my auction junk sometime in the next couple weeks, so we'll see.



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Jun 1, 2012
Email Bobcat directly, not the dealer, with the serial number and they will get back to you in a few days with the year of manufacture.