New Demo-Dozer Multi-tool attachment.

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Oct 28, 2006
Hi my name is John and am new to this forum. I accidentally found it searching for a list of skid steer owners. I have a demolition company in california, we remove swimming pools, and do presite preparation for new pools and landscapes, as well as demolish single family homes. I the process of all this i found that most attachments were limited to one or maybe two tasks, and decided to design and build my own attachment that would eliminate the need to carry to the job five or six dfferent attachments. So i built the Demo-Dozer Multi-tool and after many tries finally came up with a great design, pursued and was awarded the US Patent and then the Canadian Patent. I have always enjoyed operating a skid steer and feel lucky that I really like my job. Great to have found this site.


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Nov 8, 2005
Albert, I looked at your Demo Dozer and the website a while back. I first heard about it from a company in Cottonwood, Idaho (Wimer Machine). I would like to afford one because of just what you say. They look like the real McCoy! Good Job! Tom