Need engine --2J Toyota diesel for SKD-7 skid steer

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Jan 31, 2008
In need of a diesel engine ,model 2J Toyota,for a 1989 SKD-7 skid steer..bought it as a basket case with blown motor,and some parts are missing,or unuseable..Toyota forklifts use this motor also,according to some who know Toyotas..
Would prefer to find one in good condition,but will consider all for parts...might be able to make "one out of two" using some parts I have from the blown motor.. Ideally it would be withing driving distance of central MA, we can pick up if that is the case..
Or,if anyone has "repowered" a Toyota skid steer like this,I'd like to hear what engine was used,and how it was adapted to the pump..I'm hoping to find the right motor,but so far I haven't found ANY for sale ,and I might have to swap some other engine into it..