mini loader attachment plates

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Feb 8, 2006
Problem 1) Somebody please help me sort out what fits on what. I'm looking at purchasing a used Bobcat 463 or New Holland LS-125 and renting attachments as needed. My best source of rental attachments in my area would be the Toro or Bobcat dealers. The Toro dealer, by far, has the largest number of rental attachments. In a perfect world, the Toro and Bobcat attachments would be interchangeable but I do not believe this to be the case. Can I put a Toro plate on a Bobcat or is there an adaptor? What is considered a universal attachment plate among the mini loaders? My New Holland dealer carries no rental attachments for their LS-125 but New Holland does offer a replacement attachment plate to fit Toro attachments and the LS-125 is less expensive than the Bobcat. Problem 2) Can I use a full size attachment on any of the mini loaders? Please do not tell me about the Toro Dingos-I'm not standing on a machine all day, every day. My fat a$$ likes to sit.

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Jan 20, 2006
Toro shares their quick attach with some of the other mini loaders and i believe Bobcat is the odd ball here. Thats likely why toro are the big renters. But adapter plates are available, I have seen them somewhere, maybe ebay. Have to seach "mini bob", "mini skidsteer"
Some of the big skidsteer standard attachments will couple to the mini Bobcat, but I doubt you will find many of they work well on such a small loader. If you go with a 553 bobcat then you could have the std full size quick attach