Installing a rebuilt injector pump on LS 180 with a 332T new Holland engine

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Mar 1, 2024
The main trouble I keep having is the tapered shaft on the injector pump wants to let the pump slip from torqueing down the gear, I am no way a diesel mechanic, but this is a poor design with a taper chapter no keyway in the gear. Has anybody dealt with this before and I have any good suggestions I've had this pump on and off half a dozen times.


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Aug 18, 2020
Be sure the lockdown bolt is tight. It should be set at #1 TDC from the pump shop. Then be sure you have your motor at #1 TDC on compression stroke. Then, be sure to wipe the pump shaft and the inside of the drive gear with starting fluid. You want it completely clean and dry. Put your pump on and snug the nut up pretty good to keep it from moving. Then put 1 puller bolt in the gear, and a cover plate bolt and take a pry bar and hold against the gear while you torque it and it should be in time. Take the lock bolt loose on the pump shaft and put it together.