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hawg wild

May 8, 2006
After a long trip from northern Arkansas through Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. I finally have all my attachments, and I'm ready to go to work. Just need some PAYING customers now. I started out in Missouri and picked up a 12" Tree Terminator tree shear. Then on up to Lano Equipment in Anoka Minnesota and picked up a set of grouser tracks, and a Virnig 72" rock bucket. Then I ran over to Alexandria Minnesota and picked up a 72" quick claw grapple rake and a 60" Brush Buster rotary cutter from Quick Attach. I had a pretty good load of goodies coming south to Arkansas. These attachments all are working beautifully on my 6635 Gehl. These are some impressive attachments and I am amazed at what you can really do with this combination. Anyone from Northern Arkansas need some brush cleared? My banker would appreciate any work you can send my way.


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Jan 20, 2006
Sounds like you well set up and ready to roll. Have you tried all the pieces out yet? What did you prefer about the tree terminator compared to quick attaches shear? What do you think abut the hydro drive brusher? They are a little less of a animal the a pto drive one, but I personally like the way it stops when I hit a stump.
As for customers, at times they can be hard to find enough of, but they do tend to grow with a good reputation. One thing I learned shortly after I started out was not to try and price yourself too cheaply.
For me it does not seem that a low price generated more work, people do not seem to "want more done" if they feel the price is good. It seems more like they decide to do something or need something done and expect it to cost whatever.
I did several jobs to cheaply when I started out and mostly it was ok, but I had once where my equipment let me and the customer down, They would have liked a discount for this reason but I felt I had bid it rock bottom to start. Later I wished I had asked for more to start with and would have left myself some room to compensate for the (inevitable) unforeseen problems.